Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War Review

Call of Duty has had many different games such as Modern Warfare, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, World at War, Infinite Warfare, and of course Black Ops. Black Ops is one of the favorites of all the franchise’s fans. One of the things that make you play this game a lot, is the story that tells about different characters and the background that each of them has.

It all started at Black Ops 1 where it caught the attention of every Call of Duty fan, but Cold War brings another kind of story, a story where inside it you will find all your favorite characters. Such as Jason Hudson, Frank Woods, Alex Mason, Russel Adler, Helen Park, Eleazar “Lazarus” Azoulay, and Lawrence Sims. Cold War is a game full of action, explosions, and adrenaline that makes you feel like you’re part of it.

Let’s start with the campaign, where Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was set in the 1980’s and will place players through a campaign of political intrigue. The timeline is chosen on purpose. Black Ops – Cold War will be acting as a continuation of the first game and a middle period before the second. Cold War is built on a bunch of declassified documents that gave the game a realistic feel despite it being pure fiction.

With the first game taking place in the 60’s, the 1980’s were close enough to give players a similar feel to the first Call of Duty: Black Ops game. The intrigue of the era opened the door to enigmas, riddles, and a whole new look. Since there is a massive time jump between the first and second game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War fits the timeline perfectly. With the threat of nuclear war, big-action missions, and an undeniable calling that are the core to the story, the developers have positioned it perfectly to present an authentic Call of Duty: Black Ops experience.

The campaign begins in 1981. At an intelligence meeting, the CIA informs the top group about Perseus, the code name for a real Soviet spy who infiltrated Western intelligence and was never detected. The agent stole the secrets of American atomic weapons in 1943 and then reappeared in Vietnam in 1968. In 1981, word travelled that Perseus had returned and that CIA agent Russell Adler should track him down. The then US President Ronald Reagan enters a room and orders the CIA and other agencies to overthrow Perseus at all costs for the sake of free men and women in the world.

However, let’s talk a little bit about how the campaign works. As a start, the game allows you to create a character of your own, but not as an appearance, as a secret CIA file where you can put any clues you like. For example your name, skin color, skills, etc. Cold War unlike other versions of Black Ops makes you play the game several times, as the game has different endings. The whole story of the game depends on your choice. Every decision you make will have a huge impact on the game as well as a definite ending. So far it has been revealed that we have 3 different endings but we are not sure if there might be more.

Within the campaign, it is not said to play only the main story, you have the opportunity to play side quests that contain many secrets. Side quests are introduced in the game so that players are busy discovering what is hidden in these secrets. What drives you to play these missions is the fact that there is a lot of information that helps us understand what the next Call of Duty game will be like and certainly gives us a little hint of how the true ending is.

We move on to the graphics where everything looks very authentic. Campaign resembles a movie where the graphics are on another level. Everything seems very real and very clear. Every detail is distinct and this is a real surprise for all the fans. We played the game on PC with ultra graphics but just imagine how it will look on next-gen consoles. It will leave you speechless!

As for the gameplay, the weapons are satisfying. Snipers are hard to master when it comes to aiming, but you get an understanding of how difficult it is to hold aim at a distant target when even your breath can make the aiming move. Light machine-guns are great for people who need a lot of bullets that go quickly towards a moving target to destroy it. Weapons are very difficult at first, but as you level up you can use extra equipment to stabilize it, you can become much more effective at hitting targets and dropping them.

If we had any complaints, they would be few. The good thing the game has is that you can reload your weapon while you are moving and aiming at the same time. You no longer need to stop and target again. But sometimes it takes a very long time to reload and you can end up in a difficult situation.

More than ever, multiplayer is the reason to get back into this game. We like the addition of new Combined Arms 12-vs-12 maps, such as Cartel, Armada and Crossroads. Gunplay is extraordinary; it just gives you such a pleasure when you shoot someone coming from a high-speed zipline in the Armada, crawling through the Cartel bushes, or knocking down one soldier after another with a tank in Crossroads.

Weapons do not fit very well with the 80’s environment we have to say though. You can call artillery attacks when you have a lot of kills, but those attacks are too accurate and fast to be realistic for the era. You can choose where a projectile will land and see which enemies you will kill. Combined Arms is what forgives a high adrenaline rush where 12 players fight against 12, instead of VIP escorts or smaller 6-vs-6 battles. In the past, you had to be exposed in a small circle around a flag, but in the new mode, you can crawl behind something more reachable, as the flag area is larger and fits around such spaces. This means you have more places to hide as you try to get a point.

You can play in eight 6-vs-6 maps, which gives you plenty of variety. We have seen steady progress in in-game quality in multiplayer since the alpha test and looking forward to spending most of the time playing multiplayer.

Multiplayer games are crossplay and cross-generation, which means you can play with your friends on different platforms, including PS4 players joining PS5 players and more. With cross-progression on the other hand, you can switch platforms without losing your progress.

Sometimes it is a little annoying that you will have to wait a while to get into the game. This comes as a result of crossplay where the game is forced to wait for other players to enter the game.

And finally, let’s talk about Zombies, this mode always feels like a tedious game. You can join three other players and fight zombie wave after wave until you can no longer face them. It is very difficult to reach the end of the game if you do not have experience.

This year is a little different with the new Zombies mode, called Into the Aether. Cold War gives you many free Zombies maps, as Activision does not want to anger the community, which is a big plus. The heart of Dark Aether history is Die Maschine.

It begins on a flashback to World War II, when Russian soldiers discover a Nazi radioactive bunker and find an experiment known as Project Endstation. The Russians accidentally released zombies and a force trying to conquer the world. The Americans and Russians form an international team to find a CIA-backed response called the Requiem, led by Russian-American soldier Grigory Weaver. The Requiem will go against the Omega Group, a fragmented Soviet organization set up to investigate and exploit the zombie explosion.

For the first time in Black Ops, Zombies will offer players a chance to play as Operators from multiplayer and even see familiar faces in a game, including Russell Adler, Lawrence Sims and Frank Woods. There will be various upgrades like Speed Cola, Juggernog and Quick Revive.

Die Maschine has a 20-round mode where you can play for a long time and still take a break when you need it. If you can make it to the end, you are unprecedented and very respectful. But you can also play Die Maschine Endless, where waves of zombies keep coming. When you go deep into the bunker, some weird things start to happen and that adds to the whole mystique of Zombie history.

Once you reach Round 10, every five rounds you will have the opportunity to escape through exfiltration. A helicopter will show up and if you can survive enough, your team can get out of the infection and live to fight one more time.