Demon’s Souls Remake Review

Demon’s Souls of 2009 is still one of the most popular games in the Souls game series and this time this game comes as a remake for PlayStation 5. So the question arises: What should we expect from this remake? Will it be at the level of a game from the Souls series? To learn more follow our review on this game.

Demon’s Souls first appeared in 2009 as a simple game which was unlike most games of its genre and immediately gained popularity for this reason.

If you played the original Demon’s Souls you will immediately realize that there are quite a few changes that were needed, but at the same time, quite a few pieces have been saved which are a very important element for this game.

The story is the same and the events take place in the kingdom of Boletaria where centuries ago, the misuse of magic otherwise known as Soul Arts caused it to be attacked by a being called the Old One. This has caused this whole world to be filled with a magical fog and demons who are in search of souls. Suddenly the Old One falls asleep and all that remains are the ruins of what’s left of Boletaria.

Now the king of Boletaria, King Allant, restores Soul Arts by waking up the Old One and his army of demons. You will take on the role of an adventurer who decides to enter the fog that has conquered this world. Once you are killed, you appear as a ghost in the Nexus, where you will meet Maiden in Black, who is a demon different from the others and who will take care of you during your adventure to defeat the Old One and get your body back.

Even though it is a remake, again almost everything remains perfect and realized in an incredibly beautiful way.

You can get your body back if you manage to defeat special opponents during boss fights to whom you have to be very careful. If you take your body you will have advantages as a complete health bar. If you die you will lose it and continue the game again as a soul with half health bar but that will give you advantages like not making noises while walking.

You can choose between different weapons and armour, each of which has its impact during your duels. Also, you have the opportunity to perform different combinations of weapons and armour.

Using a steel armature will make you move slower but you will have more protection and using leather or cloth will reduce your protection but you will be able to move faster.

The way you will fight has improved, making the fight more realistic and more consistent. By exploring different places you will find items and rings that can be used in different ways. Some may add a health bar, some may put their swords in the fire to do more damage, and so on.

Some of the most important things we recommend you to have are the Cling Ring that will take you to 75% health bar when you are in shape and various herbs that will heal you when you are in critical situations.

After each kill, you will be rewarded with souls that work not only to increase in levels but also to upgrade your weapons and armour or add various powers to yourself. If you die, you will lose the souls you have collected but do not worry as you can go back to the place where you died to get them if you do not die again.

And when it comes to death, the YOU DIED part will be your companion during your adventures. Thankfully thanks to the speed that the PS5 offers you, you will not have to feel death at all most of the time, as the loading time is very fast.

Also, the feature called “World Tendency” is back in the game. Each of the 5 places you can go has its tendency. So basically, the more times you die when you have the body, the more powerful your opponents become and we can say that it is an incredibly nice way of punishing players by making them stumble before this game for a long time.

The world is divided into 5 different places where you can go there via Nexus or Archstone which you can find and use while exploring these places. Unlike the original Demon’s Souls where Archstone shipped to the Nexus, using Archstone you can travel to other locations as well.

In this remake, we will understand that the world has improved a lot starting from the textures which in the old game needed improvements, but unfortunately, the technology of the time did not allow this. Graphics have been significantly improved and a new lighting system has even been added. This means that natural light sources like magic or fire will illuminate the place.

You can choose between the Cinematic Mode option that will offer 4K resolution at 30fps or the Performance Mode that will allow 60fps to be sacrificed with a bit of graphics and detail. Regardless of the option, you make to choose, your experience in this game makes a maximum life.

The music is different from the original but that does not mean it does not play well. During intense scenes the music will give a special feeling, making you, even more, part of the battles. Some of the actors’ voices were preserved and one of them was Maiden in Black, bringing back the nostalgia for the players who played Demon’s Souls in 2009.

For Demon’s Souls, we can say surely that it offers you lots to do and never gets you upset even though you’ll die many times. You have the opportunity to explore the gothic footage that the game offers you, to search for items, weapons and armour that suits you.

In addition to the game, it also offers you online content, so you can face other players by beating them. This can be briefly described as a hazard.


To conclude, we can say that the connection you make with this title will be very special and at the same time quite weird. Demon’s Souls make you part of this world but doing it in its own way, by spending a lot of time in front of it; making you love this game even more.