Spider-Man: Miles Morales Review

The Spider-Man series always had mixed reviews. For us, Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018 was one of the most beautiful games of the series and well-realized. But will Spider-Man Miles Morales reach the same level and potential? To find out, follow this review.

The story begins a few months after the end of the main adventures of Spider-Man in 2018, in New York City. All the while, Peter Parker has chosen and trained Miles Morales to defend New York City alone, as Peter is on vacation overseas.

Coincidentally while you Peter’s leaving, Roxxon starts distributing Nuform Energy throughout the city looking for clean energy and being used at the moment of huge demand. In due course for a rival group known as The Underground, who is led by The Tinkerer and creates unrest throughout the city. This group seeks to stop Roxxon’s influence and is fighting anyone who comes forward.

The difference from Marvel’s Spider-Man, the people you will face are not known from the beginning and this is done to surprise the players.

The adventure begins with a team mission with Peter and Miles who are working together to stop Rhino who is trying to escape from prison. Also during this mission, you will meet many familiar faces. During the game, you will encounter a few villains.

Some of the problems we faced were that the story was short and there were also fewer antagonists. It took us approximately 8 hours to finish the main story and 2 to 3 hours to unlock Miles Morales gears and costumes.

It also mostly gave us the feeling as if we were watching a movie as the cutscenes were too long and frequent during the game.

Often while exploring the city you will come across gangs of criminals who are committing crimes or are armed, and you will have to fight them. Thankfully this will not happen as often as in Marvel’s first Spider-Man where you would have to deal with these things all the time.

We played the game on the PS5 and we can say that the performance on it was fantastic. The loading time was too short and even shorter when we reloaded the last checkpoint or fast travel. On the PS5 you have the option to choose between two types of performance.

Fidelity Mode which offers 30 frames per second combined with exceptional lighting and ray-tracing features in 4K resolution, or Performance Mode, which does have fewer features than Fidelity Mode and manages to offer you an open-world game at 60 frames per second.

The world is quite different even though we are in the same city. The city is structured in the best possible way and is more lively and full of people who “live life without any worries”. You will notice the emotional faces of the different people you will meet. It makes you feel like you are an important part of this city.

Despite having almost the same powers as Peter Parker, Miles Morales follows his style of doing things differently from the way he swings around the city to the way he faces his opponents.

Both of our heroes are capable of using two fighting styles when confronting others using different equipment, throwing nearby objects, spider nets or their physical strength. But Miles is capable of doing more thanks to his powers called Venom. Do not confuse it with the anti-hero Venom, simply Miles’ powers have taken this name.

Thanks to his powers he can shoot his opponents with venom blast which is a bio-electric displacement from his hands. He can also move faster and jump more allowing him to create his own style of fighting with others.

Another one of his abilities is to become invisible and it is called camouflage. This ability allows him to enter areas with enemies unnoticed for a certain amount of time or to defeat an opponent easily.

Spider-Sense works the same. The moment someone shoots or attacks you, your Spider-Sense warns you by giving you a chance to dodge.

Gears and costumes are fewer in number compared to the previous game but this allows you to more easily choose the equipment you will use when fighting your opponents.

You can perform diverse combinations and the mixture of all these skills gives you the full feeling of being a superhero during various confrontations, thanks to a special emotion combined with spectacular graphics.

The music was interesting and adapted to different situations. The voices combined very well with the movements of the characters most of the time. It should also be said though, that during the game a bug happened to us which caused the voices and music to have a delay of 5 to 10 seconds.

The interaction with the game was done smoothly with the new PS5 controller, DualSense. The only problem was that the game did not use all the potential of this great controller.

During the game, we encountered various bugs. The first thing we encountered was the stagnation of our character in a certain place after a cutscene ended. Another caused us to get stuck in a swing. These bugs forced us to reload the last checkpoint but thanks to the high performance of the PS5, these bugs will not spoil your experience in this game.

Unfortunately, after the end of the main story, you will not have much to do. You can perform some side missions or find collectables; but in our opinion, this is not enough and can be called a missed opportunity for this title.


To summarize we can say that Spider-Man Miles Morales is a very nice but short game. Combined with the power of the PlayStation 5, the game offers stunning graphics and a lovely world to play in. Unfortunately, not having any activity to do after you finish the game, greatly reduces the potential of this title.